New era in China: Cuban neuroscientist aims for global welfare

    2023-02-07 by China Daily

    Pedro Antonio Valdes Sosa from Cuba works at the Chengdu-based University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). As a neuroinformatics and neuroscience professor, he and his coworkers use informatics and telecommunication technology to study how the brain works, and try to develop related technologies and instruments to help detect brain diseases as early as possible.

    According to Sosa, brain health for all has to be done with combining efforts, and China has demonstrated its willingness to help other countries. "One of the few countries in the world that really has made a principle of benefiting the people is China," he said. He hopes the research achievements of himself and his colleagues can be used in primary health care and less developed places, and be spread out to benefit the great majority of the world.

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