She saved life on a plane

    2023-05-29 by Sichuan International Communication Center





    On the morning of May 19th, an urgent medical emergency aboard Lucky Air 8L9673 from Chengdu to Hohhot resulted in a critical diversion to Xi'an.









    Aboard the flight that day,a 26-year-old young man suddenly fell critically ill.It became a life-or-death race against time,with flight attendants, medical worker, and passengers working together in an urgent bid to save the man's life.



    “Any medical worker? There's a patient!”

    “I'm a nurse, I'm coming!”


    On the morning of May 19, a medical emergency occurred inLucky Air8L9673, en route from Chengdu to Hohhot. The flight crew received a report from passengers claiming thata male travelerfeltunwell. Upon reaching the passenger, they foundthat he was unconscious. Liu Suqin, a Head Nurse from Ebian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital in Leshan, Sichuan, immediately stood up from her seat and got involved in this life-saving mission upon hearing the flight attendant's call.


    According to Liu Suqin, when she arrived at the patient's side, she found him pale with cyanotic lips and dilated pupils, and his mouth was full of blood and vomit. He showed no signs of breathing or carotid pulse. She instructed everyone to quickly move the patient from his seat to the aisle, requestingoxygen and adrenaline from the flight crew, and then beginningcardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and artificial respiration on her knees.


    After approximately 30 minutes of intense resuscitation efforts, the patient finally regained a pulse and breath. The passengers on board erupted in cheers, applauding Liu Suqin's efforts. By this point, Liu was drenched in sweat and completely exhausted, her wrists bruised, but she continued to perform CPR and artificial respiration for the patient.


    As the patient's vital signs were still weak, the crew contacted the control center, and the plane made an emergency landing at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.Liu wrote a report detailing the medication used during the rescue with her bruised handto the doctors for subsequent treatment.She finally breathe a sigh of reliefwhen the medical workers took overthe patient.


    "I didn't think much at the time. Helping thepatientis an instinctive reaction. I only did what a nurse should do," Liu Suqin reflected on the incident. She expressed her relief that the patient was discovered in time and that the flight crew and passengers were very cooperative. Although the flight was delayed by a few hours, noonecomplained.


    It's reported that Liu Suqin is the head nurse at the disinfection supply center of Ebian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital, having worked in the emergency department of the hospital for 13 years. Liu Suqin said that it was her first time on a plane and she was nervous at first, but the incident made her forget the anxiety.





    After resupplying the emergency equipmentand meeting the conditions for takeoff,Lucky Air 8L9673successfully departed from Xi'an and arrived in Hohhot.