Thumb up to Sichuan people!

    2023-03-15 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    Recently, a video of less than 20 seconds has been hot on the Internet. In the video, a bus stop light box sign was blown down due to high winds, more than 20 Chengdu citizens are working together to lift the sign to save people. In the video, there are people dashing to join the rescue. Many passing vehicles also stopped, andthe drivers got out of the car to save people.


    This scene occurred on the night of March 11th, Chengdu blowing a rare gale. A bus stop light box sign on West Street was scraped down, toppled the people waiting for bus instantly. At this time, many passers-by continued to come, working together to lift the sign to save the trapped citizens at once, warming the cold night!


    "Thumps up for Chengdu people!" This heartwarming video quickly sparked the attention of netizens. And they praised for the loving Chengdu.


    When the incident occurred, Lin Kai, the driver in Bus No.4 of Yunxing Bus 202 fleet of Chengdu Public Transport happened to drive the bus through this station. "I was just about to enter the station when I saw the sign fall down." Lin Kai said, there were people waiting for the bus on the platform, he immediately parked the bus and turned the emergency lights on, opening the front and rear doors and calling on passengers to get off to help. Several young passengers got off with him and participated in the rescue.



    At the same time, the passing public, surrounding shop owners, cab drivers, delivery men and so on have also joined. A few minutes later, with the combined efforts by dozens of people, the sign was lifted, and the pressed citizens were rescued.


    "Anyone else who encounters such incident will help, and I'm a bus driver." Lin Kai said.


    "I was at the very edge, after the sign was lifted up, I dragged out the closest girl." Teng Yilin, a nearby store clerk who participated in the rescue, recalled. It was windy and rainy, so we moved the injured to rest inside the store next to us. "There were also people who held umbrellas for the injured, and sent the injured to rest inside the store, waiting for ambulances."


    35-year-old Chen Xiuwang from Guangdong Province has been working as a delivery man in Chengdu since February this year. He joined last night's rescue. "I was just passing by. After seeing someone was crushed, I parked immediately to save people. Everyone worked together, and soon rescued the people." Chen Xiuwang said that through last night's rescue, he has a better understanding of Chengdu. "Everyone is very united, very enthusiastic. Chengdu is a loving city."