Make the gerocomium home

    2023-03-03 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    "Let's see who can make it fast and lifelike!" On February 20th, atthegerocomium of Ma'erkang, Aba Prefecture, Director Gexi Wangmu was encouraging the elderly to do handicraft work. Wieaving and clipping, various wool dog, wool candy, wool slippers were made up.


    "Life is ordinary and repetitive, but happy." 32-year-old Gexi Wangmu has been working in the gerocomium for 14 years. After being elected as a National People's Congress deputy, she felt greater responsibility, "I have some thinking and exploration, but it is not enough." Gexi Wangmu smiled confidently.





    In 2009, 18-year-old Gexi Wangmu was hired as a temporary caregiver in the gerocomium.

    "When I came here, the conditions were quite simple and crude. So, all our work were to keep the elderly safe and clean, and providing regular meals every day." Gexi Wangmu said, the gerocomium should not just be a place of "nursing", but a warm and sweet home.



    After that, she studied from books in caregiving as well as hands-on videos on the Internet, and obtained the occupational qualification certification as an elderly caregiver. In 2019, Gexi Wangmu began working as the director of the gerocomium of Ma'erkang.


    "Each room is equipped with floor heating to keep temperature at 15℃ to 20℃. In the public living area, there are activity room, reading room, medical room, psychological consultation room and fitness room." Gexi Wangmu said that with the support of national policies, the gerocomium's condition has been improved. Rooted in elderly services for 14 years, she gradually figured out how to take care of the elderly.


    Gexi Wangmu also focuses on the spiritual life of the elderly, "they need not only physical care, but also spiritual companionship." She tried to introduce some curriculum and teaching methods of kindergarten to the gerocomium: employing more cheerful songs to choreograph simple finger dances and clapping exercises; organizing stage plays for the elderly; holding fun games ... Activities have deligted the elderly and warmed their hearts.



    Gexi Wangmu hopes that more people can pay attention to the aging caregiving problem in remote ethnic areas and rural areas. Gexi Wangmu said, "as the aging trend is rising, service industry for the elderly should be led by the government and supplemented by market players. More industry standards and regulations need to be introduced to let the market compete in an orderly manner and improve the overall quality of the industry. So that the elderly can live happier."