Thumbs up to the Sichuan football boy!

    2022-11-22 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    Naibo Ninglin, a 16-year-old Yi ethnic boy became famous when the FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off in Qatar.


    He participated in the opening ceremony of 2022 Qatar World Cup in the morning of Nov. 21 as a flag-bearer.


    "When I just got into the field, I couldn't stop picturing in my mind what it would be like if I compete in the World Cup, with China Team's uniform."The 16-year-old Naibo Ninglin couldn't help being excited after the first competition of the World Cup finished.



    Naibo Ninglin inherited passion to football from his father who is also a football lover and participated in Sichuan's provincial competition on behalf of Liangshan football team. Naibo Ninglin first idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.


    Naibo Ninglin grew into a good football player soon. In September, 2017, he went to Spain to receive more professional football training in Club Atlético de Madrid.



    It was not easy for the 11-year-old Naibo Ninglin to study alone oversea. He has to deal with the foreign language, unknown environment, cultural crash, etc. In the third year in Spain, he became familiar with the language and environment and got remarkable improvement in football.



    In 2022, he was admitted into theTeam 06 ofClub Atlético de Madrid. According to his father, it's possible for him to sign the Club Atlético de Madrid as long as keeping progress at 18.


    In November, he was selected to be a flag-bearer of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. "I will always back him up wherever he is, at home or abroad. But I wish he could join the China team and compete in the World Cup on behalf of China,"said Lin Weixiong.


    "When the national anthems of the teams rang out, I was imagining how wonderful it would be if I could sing my country's song in the World Cup with the China Team's uniform on,"said Naibo Ninglin.


    Having been a flag-bearer in the World Cup, Naibo Ninglin is more determined about his dream: "I will work harder to be admitted into the China Team to win the glory for my country."