A Foreign Teacher Has Become A Chinese Culture Lover

    2022-11-11 by Sichuan International Communication Center



    Randy, whose Chinese name is An Bailong, an international teacher in Mianyang Teachers' College, became famous on the social media for dressing in hanfu when teaching.


    Randy from Canada has been living and teaching in China for 17 years, and has travelled around China in his spare time. As a fan of Chinese culture, he likes hanfu, has read Four Great Classical Chinese Novels, and loves Chinese food. What's more, he is fond of Chinese kungfu and is a fan of Guan Yu, the heroic military general in classical Chinese novel“Romance of the Three Kingdoms".




    Randy developed his passion to Chinese culture and started to learn Chinese when he was at college in Canada. He came to China 17 years ago.


    "People communicate a lot and have close relationships. I like that,"said Randy. He has travelled around China in his spare time and felt about the local cultures.


    Randy said he love hanfu and he has found that many students also like it. It helped him to build a closer relationship with students by dressing in hanfu.


    What's more, Randy loves Chinese food. As a good cook, he is good at both western food and Chinese food. "I packed spicy diced chicken with peanuts at the restaurant and studied it at home, and then bought the ingredients and try to make it by myself."




    Randy is a unique teacher for his students. He has lots of body languages and teaches interestingly, according to one of his students.


    Randy is not only a good teacher, but also a researcher of Four Great Classical Chinese Novels. "Some Chinese haven't finished reading the Four Great Classical Chinese Novels, but Randy has not only finished, but also studied a lot,"said his colleague.


    Randy's favorite character in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"is Guan Yu, the general of Shu.


    Randy asked for a bench for practising Chinese kungfu when he first came to the college. People can always find him practising it outside his department.