Chengdu's 2023 Michelin Guide Released

    2022-10-25 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On Oct.25 in 2022, the 2023 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Chengdu has been announced, celebrating 1 two MICHELIN Starrestaurant, 10one MICHELIN Starrestaurants, 15Bib Gourmand restaurants,31 Selectedrestaurantsand 2 special awards in which the Michelin Guide Sommelier Award was given for the first time in Mainland China.

    Mr. Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of Michelin Guide, said, "Within the MICHELIN Guide family, Chengdu is certainly one of the most gourmet destinations. Here, eating out, discovering new places, maintaining culinary heritage while shaping innovative creations is not only a strong trend, buta true way of life. Indeed, people and of course the chefs living in this ‘land of abundance’are nourished by a rich food culturewhose recipes and traditions whether street food, snacks or more elaborate dishes have their roots in centuries of history. They are also always keen to praise local products from one of the most fertile lands in China".

    He added that the 2023 selection of the MICHELIN Guide is a perfect example of Chengdu restaurants commitments to excellence on every detail of the dining experience, from cuisine to service.

    2 restaurants were newly selected into the MICHELIN Guide

    The two-star restaurant, Yu Zhi Lan, continues to retain its place with its elegant dishes and high-quality ingredients.

    8 restaurants have kept their one-star rating in 2023 MICHELINGuideChengdu: Chaimen Hui, Chengdu Restaurant, Fang Xiang Jing, Ma's Kitchen, Mi Xun Teahouse, Silver Potand Xu's Cuisine.

    Two restaurants made the list for the first time, Fu Rong Huang, which focuses on traditional Sichuan cuisine, and Young Art - Yong Ya He Xian (Tongzilin East Road), which features high-quality river food.

    3 new restaurants on the list of 2023 Bib Gourmand Restaurants

    Chengdu's 2023 Bib Gourmand Restaurant List includes more special bistros hidden in the streets, offering convenient meals and good services.

    The 12 restaurants that made the list last year are still on the list: ChanYue Vegetarian, Chen MaPo Tofu (Qinghua Road), Dumpling & Drinks, Feng Qi Wu, Lao Chengdu San Yang Mian, Mind, Ming Ting Xiao Guan, Mo Xiao Guan, Organization South, Ting Yuan 399, Yu Jiu Xiang, and Zhuan Zhuan Hui (Lianhua South Road).

    3 restaurants that newly made the list are: Rongrong Beida Pugaimianwhich is famous for its freshly made wide noodles,Shudidangguiwhich combines Sichuan cuisine with herbal cuisine, and Yangboying Za Jiang Mianwhich uses Sichuan cooking techniques to make noodle soup and minced meat.

    In addition to the above ratings and awards, 31 restaurants were selected into the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Chengdu, covering more regional cuisines and presenting many other delicious food such as Sichuan cuisine, hot pot, vegetarian, Guangdong cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Beijing cuisine, innovative dishes and continental cuisine.

    A total of 57 restaurants are included in 2023 MICHELIN Guide Chengdu, including

    1 two-star restaurant

    10 one-star restaurants (including 2 new ones)

    15 Bib Gourmand restaurants (including 3 new ones)

    31 Michelin Selected restaurants

    2 special awards: the Michelin Service Award and the Michelin Guide Sommelier Award