Sichuan Assorted Pickles

    2022-08-29 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    Pickle is a perfect treat for the munchy, hot months of summer.

    German sauerkraut, French cornichon and Korean kimchi, various pickles enjoy a great popularity all over the world. Almost every household in China has a pickle crock, and Sichuan pickles are the best-known and can be called the originator in China.

    Korean kimchi (Photo by: 惠化洞mart)

    With a history of over a thousand years, Sichuan Assorted Pickle is made by soaking all kinds of ingredients in pickle brine in an earthen container with an edge and a cover for lactic acid fermentation to take place.

    Pickle Crock

    You’ll find many Sichuan households feed their giant pickling crocks on an ongoing basis—taking vegetables out and putting new ones in. The brine, thus, grows ever more intense and intriguing over time.

    Assorted Pickles (Photo by: 爱吃饭的范)

    It is naturally fermented. This makes them different from regular pickles you might find in a grocery store, which are usually preserved in vinegar and sealed in high heat.

    The joy of making assorted pickles is that there’s a lot of room for experimentation. Besides frequently chosen radish, red chilies, long beans and cabbage, you can try to pickle everything you like.

    Assorted Pickles (Photo by: 居元素)

    You’ll love what happens to the ingredients in this pickle—they turn a little bit sunset pink and refreshing sour! The crunchy pickle is filled with a depth of flavor that leaves you craving more with every bite.

    Fermented Radish

    It usually goes as an accompaniment to other dishes, tuning up palates for what’s to come. It can be used as ingredient or a condiment in traditional Sichuan cuisines as well. It can also be an appetizing treat, seasoned with chili oil, MSG and sugar. What a kitchen all-rounder!

    Assorted Pickles with Rice(Photo by: 英子)

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