Go Cycling and Enjoy Green. Let’s go!

    2022-04-29 by SICC

    Go Cycling and Enjoy Green

    Let’s go!

    Labour Day is coming!

    Still wondering where to go?

    How about following the bilingual anchor from SICC to explore a hot spot in Chengdu,

    the Chengdu City Circle Ecological Park!

    Let’s take an immersive city walk on the 100-kilometer Greenway, to feel the vibe of Chengdu, which deserves to be called “the park city under the snow-capped mountains”.

    In locals’ eyes,

    the 100-kilometre greenway

    is a smash hit.

    It encircles Chengdu with 78 bridges

    and links 121 representative eco parks.

    It has attracted sports enthusiasts

    to explore different cycling routes.

    The greenway we are introducing today is part of the Tianfu Greenway which has a planned length of 16,900 kilometers. It is learnt that the Tianfu Greenway will cover 1920 kilometers of regional greenways, 5,380 kilometers of urban greenways and 9,630 kilometers of community greenways, will be the longest urban greenway system inChina after construction.

    In a southward direction from Chengdu Giant Panda International Tourism Resort, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qinglong Lake, collect the red leaves of Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park, and see the special low-rise white buildings in Zhonghe, after which you are recommended to cross Jin River and enjoy the sunset at Jincheng Park.

    Ride with your friends on the greenway.

    Look forward to meeting you!