The 2024 Liangshan Yi Torch Festival Series of Events Set to Take Place

    2024-06-20 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On the morning of June 20, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government Information Office held a press conference in Chengdu to announce the 2024 Liangshan Yi Torch Festival and 'Colorful Liangshan · Cool Summer Cultural Tourism Series. It was announced that the series of events will take place from July 19 to August 19.

    The Torch Festival event this time will be organized with a "1+N" approach, where "1" refers to the main venue in Xichang City, and "N" refers to the other 16 counties. The theme of the event is "Passionate Torch Festival, Dazzling Ethnic Style," featuring main activities and supporting events.

    The main venue for the Torch Carnival Night will be held on July 29 along the East Hangtian Avenue in Xichang City. A 3-kilometer-long activity area will be set up, featuring 60 small bonfires, 2 large bonfires, and 135 stalls. It is expected to accommodate 100,000 people, providing visitors with a festive atmosphere to experience the excitement of the torch celebration.

    The Music & Food Week activities will feature nightly bonfire parties at the Torch Square in Xichang City. From July 30 to August 1, the Torch Music Carnival will take place at Xingyue Lake Park, featuring performances by local renowned artists, cultural markets, and specialty dining.

    Supporting activities across various counties and cities will leverage local resources and advantages, offering a diverse range of cultural and tourism activities tailored to different preferences. On July 20, visitors can experience the passionate bullfighting competition at the Puge County Liangshan State Bullfighting Tournament. On July 22, in Butuo County, immerse yourself in the authentic torch culture during the Torch Carnival with bonfires ablaze. On July 28, witness the speed and excitement of highland horse racing at Zhaojue County. In Yuexi County, enjoy the "Torch Show in the Rice Fields," experiencing a refreshing summer at 20°C while marveling at unique torch performances.

    To enrich the tourist experience beyond the excitement of the Torch Festival, Liangshan is launching five "Cool Summer" premium tourist routes radiating from Xichang to other regions in Liangshan. These routes offer personalized choices for visitors, including Eco-Pastoral Tours, Study Tours, Dream-seeking Tours, Cultural Discovery Tours, and Yi Ethnic Experience Tours.

    Additionally, most activities during the Torch Festival are open to the public and tourists free of charge. Due to venue limitations, some activities will implement crowd control measures. Updates on these activities will be promptly communicated as needed.