“Inspiration of Sanxingdui” Launches Today! Brazilian Illustrator: There is Nothing Like Sanxingdui in the World

    2024-05-17 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    "There is nothing like Sanxingdui in the World, it looks like something came from another planet."The stunning beauty of Sanxingdui has left Roger Mello, the Brazilian illustrator and Hans Christian Andersen Award winner, in unprecedented awe. Fascinated by Chinese culture since childhood, Mello is visiting China for the 18th time and is making his first visit to the Sanxingdui Museum.




    One of the museum's most treasured artifacts, the Bronze Sacred Tree, is Mello's favorite. The mysterious details and the sense of storytelling it evokes have deeply captivated the illustrator. Mello iscreatinga picture book inspired by the Bronze Sacred Tree, blending Brazilian and Chinese cultures to showcase the friendship and collision of the two civilizations.

    On the occasion of International Museum Day, the Sichuan International Communication Center is launching the "Inspiration of Sanxingdui" program. This series features in-depth conversations with illustrators, sci-fi experts, online game creators, and other representative figures from various fields, sharing their stories about Sanxingdui and exploring the sparks of inspiration ignited by different fields in connection with Sanxingdui. It offers a multi-faceted interpretation of the rich connotations of ancient Shu civilization.

    In the first episode of "Inspiration of Sanxingdui," Roger Mello is interviewed. Without writing words, how can the mysterious Sanxingdui civilization be recorded? In his eyes, what stories does this enormous "picture book" of Sanxingdui tell? How will the ancient Shu civilization and the equally extravagant and bold modern Brazilian culture collide?