The Timeless Trip to China

    2024-04-07 by


    近日,年过八旬的美国友人、学者贾和普(Hope Justman)偕朋友再度来到四川广元,开启第24次蜀道之行。几乎每年,她都会从美国费城来到中国,以广元剑门关为中心,徒步探访四川、陕西境内的一段段古蜀道。她为蜀道专门出版了英文书籍并建立了英文网站,还多次受邀前来参加蜀道文化交流活动,并在早年被授予“剑门蜀道使者”称号。

    Recently, American friend and scholar Hope Justman, who is over 81 years old, returned to Guangyuan, Sichuan with his friends and embarked on her 24th trip to the ancient Shu Road. Almost every year, she comes to China from Philadelphia, USA, and takes Guangyuan Jianmen Gate as the center to explore sections of ancient Shu Road in Sichuan and Shaanxi through hiking. Shehasspecially published English books and established an English website for the Shu Road. Furthermore, she hasbeen invited multiple times to participate in cultural exchange activities on the Shu Road and was awarded the title of "Jianmen Shu Road Ambassador" in her early years.


    This time, she has a special task - planting a tree filled with love and prayer for her friends.


    What new insights will Hope Justman have on her 24th trip to Sichuan? This is the story of her timeless trip to the Shu Road.