Every Resident Here Is A Millionaire? Rich Chinese Villagers DON'T NEED TO PAY TAX!

    2024-04-01 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    Have you watched the movie "Journey to the West"? Its main scenes were filmed near Yibin and Ya'an’s Yingjing in Sichuan. This time, YouTubers Jack and Sophia came to Ya'an to visit rural areas in Ya'an and experienced the life of tea farmers.



    Ya'an, this tranquil town located on the west of the Sichuan Basin is famous for being the "Rain City". It's not only the "origin of tea" in the world but also the home of giant pandas. There are rich natural resources and historical and cultural treasures.


    Here, you can delve into a condensed history of Chinese tea. It's the birthplace of world tea culture and the starting point of the Sichuan-Xizang Tea Horse Road, known as the "world's tea source" and awarded the title of "China's Tea Capital".


    You can also enjoy the pleasures of rural life. Many villagers here have upgraded their jobs from traditional tea farming and agriculture to market-oriented homestay operations. Many landlords even invest in building eco-gardens of around 100 square meters to provide guests with a comfortable spring tea tour experience.


    The rich ecological resources have made this place the "ancestral home" and high-end retirement home for giant pandas. It's also home to many rare animal and plant neighbors.


    Yingjing County is known as the "hometown of Chinese black sandware". Here, you can immerse yourself in the intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship of Yingjing black sandwareand experience the unique "art of earth and fire".


    In this episode of Travelogue, Queenie will experience the charm of China's tea capitalwith her new friends, Jack and Sophia, embarking on a relaxing spring outing!