Salvador Moncada, Ambassador of Honduras to China, visited Sichuan

    2024-02-27 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    Last March, Honduras established diplomatic relations with China, becoming the 182nd country to do so. On the eve of the first anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Honduras, Salvador Moncada, the first Ambassador of Honduras to China, visited Sichuan for the first time. His purpose in this trip is to promote project cooperation in the field of clean energy between Honduras and Sichuan.After a meeting, he received an interview.



    Before serving as Ambassador to China, Moncada had visited China many times. He said hewasgreatly impressed bythe changes and progress China has made in the past thirty-plus years.

    Moncada is deeply concerned about poverty and development imbalances in "Global South" countries, which he has mentioned in several public interviews. He believes that China, with its success stories, has become a hope for "Global South" countries and has provided valuable experience over the past few decades in addressing poverty and development imbalances."Seeing how China eliminatesextreme poverty and development imbalances is a very good experience, worthy of emulation by people in the Southern Hemisphere," Moncada said.

    Besides, as a renowned scientist and pharmacologist, Moncade believes that the progress made in biology and biotechnology in Chengdu is tremendous and these advancements can bring opportunities to Honduras.

    Shortly after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Honduras, the two governments signed 19 cooperation agreements and memoranda. Honduras also joined the construction of the Belt and Road initiative, becoming the 22nd Latin American partner in the initiative. Moncada firmly believes that a green economy is the current trend of world development. "The climate crisis has reached a point where we must take action. We must act quickly and comprehensively to prevent further damage from climate change."

    He added, "Sichuan has important advantages in the field of green energy, we came here because we are clear that both sides have the opportunity for strong interaction and win-win cooperation." Honduras is committed to developing major energy sources such as solar and geothermal energy and can join hands with Sichuan to cooperate closely in the cause of sustainable development.