Embracing the Hospitality from Hainan's Li Ethnic Group

    2023-12-04 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On November 30, "An Open Future", a media tour of Hainan for representatives of international media organizations and social media personalities arrived at Wuzhishan's Maona Village. The group tasted authentic Li food on traditional Li Long Table with Shanlan wine at a bonfire party and felt the vibes and charm of the Li ethnic village.

    Hainan province is home to many ethnic groups, with the Li and Miao people particularly prominent on the island. The Li were the earliest settlers of Hainan, with their first-recorded appearance on the island traced back 3,000 years ago.

    Located at the foot of the main peak of Wuzhishan in Hainan, Maona Village is a Li village hidden among high mountains and green trees. It has a long corridor of ethnic customs and culture and a rich variety of traditional cultural products. Various coloured woven threads interweave with each other, showing people the wisdom and creativity of the Li people.