How to Make the Mouthwatering Dandan Noodles?

    2023-10-23 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    Although there is a saying: "Southern China mainly eats rice, Northern China mainly eats noodles", Sichuan is a southern province that inexplicably also enjoys noodles as a staple food. A bowl of appetizing and somewhat spicy Dandan noodles is an old favorite of countless Sichuanese people.


    It is said that Dandan noodles have a history dating back to the 1840s, and that their name comes from the traders who originally peddled them through the ancient and bustling city streets. Those selling them would carry a pole aloft as they wandered the streets, not only saving on rent and helping attract customers, but also reducing the cost of delivering the delicacy to wherever those customers might be.


    Today we are going to prepare vegetarian Dandan noodles, an innovation on the conventional recipe: The noodles are made from spinach juice and flour, which grants the noodles a fresh green appearance, a delicate flavour, and a rich source of vitamins; chopped peanuts, pistachios, and cashews add their own distinctive tastes; air-dried Yibin sprouts bestow a refreshing and crisp texture to the dish; while chili oil mixed with termite mushroom soup and a blend of sesame paste and peanut butter are crucial elements to achieve that trademark tantalizing aroma.


    And as for cooking utensils, all you need are a pasta pot and a pair of chopsticks. Let’s learn from the chef of a Michelin restaurant with one star, as featured in The Michelin Guide.