Lovely animals in Sichuan

    2023-03-17 by Sichuan International Communication Center







    In Sichuan, there is a group of wild animals that play in the forest, forage in the grassland, swim in the lake... They live together with human beings in Sichuan, the Land of Abundance.


    Sichuan, as a cradle of wildlife, has over 10,000species of higher plants and over1,400 species of wild vertebrates. Sichuan has established 165 natural reserves aiming at protecting the rare wildlife and ecological system, whose coverage accounts for 16.23 percent of the Sichuan'sacreage, forming a diversified, complete,comprehensive, and significant natural protective network.

    3月3日是第10个世界野生动植物日。四川国际传播中心从3月3日至3月15日,依托Twitter、Facebook、Instagram、微信公众号等海内外主流社交平台,每日推出一张“Part of Nature”原创双语海报,通过海内外网友喜爱的漫画形式,将珍稀动物拟人化,巧妙展现四川在生态环保领域取得的显著成果。创作内容涵盖“大自然里的吃货大熊猫”“大自然里的轰趴爱好者彩鹮”“大自然里的外交家川金丝猴”“大自然里的旅行家青头潜鸭”“大自然里的优雅舞者黑颈鹤”“大自然里的流浪者四川羚牛”“大自然里的卖萌高手小熊猫”“大自然里的运动健儿白唇鹿”“大自然里的社恐雪豹”等12种四川的珍稀动物。

    March 3 marked the 10th World Wildlife Day. From March 3 to March 15, Sichuan International Communication Center has released a series of English posters "Part of nature" on social media platforms at home and abroad including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc. The posters cover 12 species of rare animals, such as the foodie giant panda, the graceful black-necked crane and the enthusiastic baer’s pochard. They live all around Sichuan in harmony with humans. Let's take a look at these cute creatures.


    Inspired by the theme of this year's World Wildlife Day, "Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation", the posters incorporate elements of human hands to present a harmonious and interactive image of humans and animals.


    These lovely posters immediately flood the screen of environmental protection enthusiasts at home and abroad.A viewerfromRussia commented, "I've never seen red pandas before,but I wish they can live happilyin the planet."AAustralianviewer said, "Heha is so lovely! Protect them well!" And a viewer from South Africa said, "Clumsy and lovely animals. I've beenfollowingthisseries and each one is beautiful!"


    At present, these posters have been disseminated over 10million times around more than 120 countries. The Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka,the Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General inBarcelona,Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Vienna,and other diplomats have liked and retweeted the posters. People's Daily, JiangsuNow International Communication Center, Gansu International Communication Center and other national and provincial media have also retweeted the posters.



    Let's become neighbors and live harmoniously with wildlife!