1000 painted pandas in Ya'an

    2023-03-15 by Sichuan International Communication Center




    In the alleys of Ya'an, Sichuan, the painted pandas that appear from time to time are always a sight to behold.






    These are the works of Jiang Ya, a local painter. She says that painting pandas in the street is a way to give these serendipities to passers-by. "For the people who find them, this might be a small touch of color in their normal lives. "



    Last October, Jiang Ya promised on a social media platform to draw 1,000 pandas in Ya'an for free. "I didn't expect a lot of likes and comments, with nearly 200,000 interactions." Jiang Ya said, the next day, she went out with paraphernalia, chose several large stones in the park, then lived painting three pandas. Many netizens came to the scene as overseers, and children brought her snacks.


    Since then, Jiang Ya often adds drawings to corners of the street by taking local materials and sharing her painting process through videos. She introduced that Ya'an is the place where the world's first panda was scientifically discovered and named. She hopes to let more people understand the panda culture in Ya'an inthis way.


    The panda paintings her teamandshedesigned also appeared in the local tunnel of Qingbi Mountain. The images of pandas in different shapes living in the natural environment make the tunnel colorful and make it a spot for the public. At present, Jiang Ya has completed more than 200 panda paintings. She is moving pace by pace towards the goal of 1,000 pandas at an average rate of 2 paintings per day.



    After the Luding earthquake on September 5th, 2022, the rescue team rushed to the disaster area. In order to reach the area as soon as possible, the team used a rope across the river to build a bridge.After crossing the river, the team built a simple wooden bridge over the water for the affected people. Seeing this, Jiang Ya picked up the brush immediately and created a work named "They meetacross 87 years".


    Jiang Ya's husband was also a member of the rescue team. After the earthquake, as a commander of Ya'an Fire Brigade, hewent to the disaster area immediately. During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, he came from Fujian Province to support Ya'an and stayed there afterwards. For Jiang Ya, drawing these illustrations canboth inspire the soldiers on the front line of rescue and to relieve her worries about her husband.


    Over the years, she also used color painting to improve the appearance of her hometown with local characteristics. On the old neighborhood facades, she designed full-color geometric shapes to give an artistic style to the dull neighborhood.




    "I hope to paint a more harmonious, civilized and artistic scenery," said Jiang Ya.