Sichuan Hold Multiple Measure to Ensure a Happy Spring Festival

    2023-01-17 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    To ensure a happy Spring Festival, Sichuan government has carried out a great number of measures to meet people's consumption needs.

    The government and companies cooperated to release consumption coupons. For example, Deyang and Nachong have issued coupons for cars of about ten millions yuan, Yibin and Ziyang started the car purchasing fair, and Bazhong held the third expo of furniture.

    A series of cultural events will be held during the Spring Festival. Chengdu is going to hold the light show and various cultural activities. Zigong will carry out the promotion of intangible cultural heritages and cultural products. And Dazhou will organize the performances like lion dance, fire dragon, etc.

    What's more, the online shopping is emphasized this year. People can explore Sichuan cuisine restaurants and purchase for the Spring Festival online. Chengdu and Leshan have issued the list of recommended dishes for New Year's Eve dinner.

    To ensure the sufficient supply of daily necessities, the related departments will focus on the market monitoring on vegetables, meats, eggs and other daily necessities during the holiday, and strengthen the organization, protection, and delivery of the daily necessities.