2023 Belt and Road Overseas Chinese Business Summit Kicked off in Chengdu, With a Total Investment of 15.33 Billion Yuan

    2023-06-17 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On June 16, 2023, the opening ceremony of 2023 Belt and Road Overseas Chinese Business Summit was held in Chengdu. The ceremony also featured a signing ceremony for concentrated investment projects. A total of 11 projects involving overseas Chinese investment cooperation were successfully initiated during this summit, with a total investment amount of 15.33 billion yuan. Among them, seven projects were signed on-site, with a total investment of 10.89 billion yuan, covering fields such as electronic information, optical manufacturing, industrial robotics, modern agriculture, trade logistics, and more.

    Under the theme of "Chinese Entrepreneurs Focusing on the 'General Traction' and Sharing New Opportunities on the Silk Road," this summit attracted more than 200 representatives of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs from over 50 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, as well as representatives from the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and local enterprises in Sichuan Province who participated in related activities.

    "As the region with the most development potential in western China, the Sichuan-Chongqing region is blessed with talented people and abundant resources, providing more development opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs," said Mr. Xie Yi, Senior Vice Chairman of CP Group, on behalf of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in his speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that as the intersection of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Western Development strategy, and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Chengdu-Chongqing region has unique advantages in connecting East Asia with Southeast Asia and South Asia. "We will seize the development opportunities, actively play the role of bridge and link, explore new business opportunities in promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries, and promote Chinese culture to the world."

    At the opening ceremony, representatives from Chengdu, Panzhihua, Guangyuan, Guangan, and Dazhou respectively made investment opportunity promotions. Through enthusiastic introductions, overseas Chinese entrepreneurs learned more about the latest local business environment, investment opportunities, preferential policies, and resource advantages.

    "The people of Sichuan are warm and hospitable, and the region is rich in historical and cultural resources. I hope to leverage the complementary advantages between Sichuan and the Philippines to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two places in tourism and culture," said Wang Shuhou, President of the Chinese Philippine Culture and Education Promotion Association, expressing his optimism about the prospects of cooperation with Sichuan.

    Additionally, the opening ceremony featured the release of several representative scientific and technological innovation projects, such as ultra-low-temperature lithium bromide absorption refrigeration units and wood-based composite material solar-thermal treatment and purification intelligent devices, which attracted significant attention from Chinese entrepreneurs. Chen Bin, Executive Vice President of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, stated that by participating in this summit, he hopes to leverage China's advanced technology and well-known brands to promote them to more countries and regions through the Belt and Road Initiative. This will provide more technical support and choices for countries along the Belt and Road and contribute to "Intelligent manufacturing in China" in the areas of energy conservation and emission reduction, transmission control, and new energy.

    It is reported that the Belt and Road Overseas Chinese Business Summithas attracted the participation of entrepreneurs from nearly 100 countries and regions, becoming an important platform for them to discuss, build, and share, as well as promote the construction of a new highland for an open inland economy in Sichuan and better serve the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.