The last Boeing 747 jet was put into operation in Chengdu

    2023-02-03 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    The last Boeing 747 jet, the world's largest civilian freighter, was put into operation in Chengdu.




    Production of the 747, the world's first twin-aisle airplane, began in 1967 and spanned 54 years, during which a total of 1,574 airplanes were built. In2020, Boeing announced its decision to complete production of the 747-8.The 747-8 freighter rolled out of the factory in December 2022 at the Everett, Washington, U.S., followed by the closure of the Boeing 747 production line.



    Recently, the last Boeing 747 was delivered and will be operated by Apex Logistics International, a Kuehne Nagel company. It is reported that the aircraft will operate long term transcontinental routes from Chengdu to North America. The routes starts from Chengdu,with capacity coveringcities such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.




    The 747-8 freighter is currently the largest all-cargo aircraft in the industry, with a full load of about 135 tons of cargo. With a long flight mileage, it can improve air cargo efficiency greatly, and it is an appropriate model for both European and American routes.


    "We mainly use it to fly the Chengdu-North America route, replacing the 747-400 freighter currently in use." Relevant director of Apex Logistics International said that the Apex "Chengdu-North America" scheduled route made its debut in September 2022, using the 747-400 freighter. Compared with the 747-400, the 747-8 has more advanced loading system, navigation system and engines, and can undertake the transport of large special cargo.


    The director expects that the employment of the 747-8 in Chengdu will add approximately 5,000 tons of annual capacity in 2023.




    "We've witnessed the great development of Shuangliu's air freight, especially in the international freight market in recent years," said the member of the Apex Logistics.


    The reason why 747-8 was employed is that the international trading market between Chengdu and North America is promising. With electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and other characteristic advantaged industries, Chengdu requires efficient international aerial navigation.


    The employment of 747-8 will invite more international investors, electronic products, manufacturing equipment, etc. to Chengdu, and will widen the transportation's scope, promote the efficiency, and increase the safety for the high-tech enterprises in Chengdu.