The 9th World Kungfu Championships, the "Olympic Games of Wushu," Officially Started on August 25

    2023-08-25 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    With a theme of "Sacred Mt. Emei Welcomes the World," the 9th World Kungfu Championships officially kicked off in Emeishan City, SW China's Sichuan Province. It is the city's third international large-scale Kungfu (martial arts) event after the 7th and 8th World Kungfu Championships were successfully held in 2017 and 2019, attracting 6,649 athletes and coaches from 53 countries and regions to participate in the competition.

    Emeishan City, listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, is an excellent tourist destination in China as well as one of the country's advanced Kungfu hometowns.

    Renowned as the "Olympic Games of Wushu," the biennial World Kungfu Championships is by far the world's largest and the most influential sport-for-all event hosted by the International Wushu Federation. During the competition, a series of wonderful activities will be held, such as the opening ceremony, the Wushu performances at Jinding (Golden Summit), the Wushu show, the Wushu master's forum, the Wushu AI interactive experience, the Wushu cultural tourism commodity exhibition, and an on-site inspection on cultural tourism and sports.

    In recent years, Emeishan City has always persisted in digging into the local characteristic culture of "Buddhism, Wushu (martial arts), tea and medicine," actively inheriting and developing Emei Wushu and further increasing the influence of Chinese martial arts in the world by holding several World Kungfu Championships and other Wushu events. Doing so will strengthen the international promotion and cooperation of martial arts, providing a platform for exchange and display for martial arts practitioners worldwide.