Goodbye to Earthquake Rescue Team

    2022-09-15 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    On September 13, more than 300 people from the Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade would leave Shimian County. Many locals spontaneously wait on the roadside to say goodbye.


    "Try the barbecue before leaving!"


    The banner is striking. Heard that the rescue team was leaving, some local barbecue resturant owners started to prepare ingredients to ensure that the barbecue can be delivered to the rescuers. They said, "The rescue team is busy fighting on the front line and there is no time to eat barbecue, so we want them to also taste our delicacy."


    In addition to the barbecue, local residents scrambled to "drop" various fruits, eggs and drinks into the departing vehicles.


    In the seeing-off line, there is a 70-year-old granny Ni Chunhua. She gave the rescuers her own hand-sewn insoles. She said, these rescuers are very hard-working. I hope they can wear new insoles and be safe in the future. In order to send the insoles, she has waited at the roadside since 7:00 am.


    "When I grow up, I want to be you!"


    "When I grow up, I want to be you!" 7-year-old Liao Xingyuan was holding her handwritten banner. "Recently, I saw many rescuers come here, and also heard many touching stories from my parents about the earthquake relief," she said. "Although I'm a girl, I'm not afraid, and I want to be such a brave person in the future."


    The same scene could also be seen in Luding County. At 7:00 am on September 13, thousands of people from Moxi and Yanzigou Town spontaneously flocked to the streets with farm eggs and wild walnuts to say goodbye to the rescuers.


    Among the crowd were the elderly and children who were rescued, and young people who assisted rescuers.


    75-year-old Zhang Weilin waved the flag vigorously. Rescuers carried her to the safe place after the earthquake. Zhang Weilin said, "It was so hard for them to risk their lives to save me. Thank them!"