Express Their Blessings to The Affected Folks

    2022-09-15 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    On September 13, Liu Hong,director ofthe Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Administration in Ganziand singer Solangdaji told reporters that at this special moment, Kangba people sang "Xiangrui Kangba" to express their blessings to the affected folks and their expectations for a better future.


    Yesterday, deep mourning ceremonies for the victims of 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Luding were held in Ganzi and Ya'an at the same time. Wish the victims rest in peace and the survivors come up stronger. Ganzi people chose to sing a song to express their confidence and determination to overcome the disaster and move forward with courage.


    Yesterday afternoon, "Xiangrui Kangba" sung by Suolangdaji, Yongjincuo, Liu Hong and 6 Tibetan youths, was officially launched.



    雪峰绿草茫茫 孕育长江黄河

    站在地球之巅 亲吻蓝天白云




    The meaning of the lyrics is about that "In the snowland eastern Tibetan Plateau, there is a place where auspicious signs gather. The snowy peaks and green grass are blanketed, nurturing the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. Stand on the top of the earth, and kiss the blue sky and white clouds... A pureand beautiful place is our lovely home."


    With a vast vision and cheerful melody, the song sends out love and salute to Ganzi and Kangba.


    Kangba youths and Liu Hong cooperated again after Solangdaji and Liu Hong sang "I'm from Yading" and "Yearning for Yading" in August.


    Solangdaji said that compared to the rich orchestration of the original song, this cover version delivers the spiritual content of the song simply accompanied on the guitar to the audience in a more fresh and natural style.


    The most important feature of the song is its originality. The recording and MV shooting of "Xiangrui Kangba" were in Daocheng Yading scenic area. The singers sang freely in the background of snowy mountains, grasslands, valleys, flowers and lakes.


    Sichuan, as well as Ganzi,is still beautiful and it welcomes visitors all over the world.