Don’t Miss It! The SICC “Promoter” in Sichuan Rural Cultural Tourism Festival

    2022-06-10 by SICC


    Don’t Miss It! The SICC “Promoter” in Sichuan Rural Cultural Tourism Festival


    On June 10th, The 13th Sichuan (Summer) Rural Cultural Tourism Festival officially opened in Qiongzhou Park of Pingle County, Qionglai City.


    By this event, Sichuan appealed to the public to visit the comfortable Xilin Snow Mountain, historic Jianmen Pass, magnificent Mount Emei, and fantastic Litang County.


    During the event, the bilingual anchor Lin Jiawei from SICC, as the “media recommender”, recommended the “softest” Sichuan food – Jianmen Tofu.


    It is said that Jianmen Tofu originated in the Three Kingdoms Period. Jiang Wei, the general of Shu, was besieged by Wei’s army in Jianmen Pass. His army was worn out and too tired to fight against the enemy. At that time, Jiang Wei, together with his subordinates, cooked Jianmen Tofu and refreshed the army which finally defeated the enemy and resolved the crisis.


    Thousands of years later, Jianmen Tofu is still a familiar dish for Sichuan people. There are various cooking methods for Jianmen Tofu, including frying, grilling, braising, steaming, boiling, stewing, and being sauced. A feast can be made by it.


    A piece of soft tofu saved an army. The simple tofu feast represents Sichuan people’s wisdom of life. Come and visit Sichuan, and enjoy the beauty and wisdom of this piece of land.