2023 Sichuan International Beverages Exposition opened in Deyang City, free to the public until 20th!

    2023-06-25 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    "This time, we specially brought French red wine that can be combined with Sichuan cuisine. The spicy flavor of Sichuan cuisine can override the good taste of red wine, so we decided to bring this wine and hope the people of Deyang will like it." Aurora from a winery in Provence, France, proudly introduced her products, and said that the 2023 Sichuan International Beverages Exposition will be the best opportunity for her hometown's famous wine to enter the Chinese market.

    On June 18th, the 2023 Sichuan International Beverages Exposition opened in Deyang Wende International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the exposition was open to the public free of charge from June 18th to 20th. At the same time, a series of national activities such as the awarding ceremony of "Deyang Mianzhu, China's Famous City of Liquor," the First Conference of Alcoholic Drinks Industry on "Chinese Aesthetics," the first Sichuan Alcoholic Drinks Entrepreneurs Conference, and High-end New Product Launch Conference were held.

    Deyang is the origin of Sichuan Baijiu culture. A large number of liquor utensils unearthed at Sanxingdui ruins site prove that as early as 4,000 years ago, the industrious and smart ancestors of ancient Shu began to brew liquor to enjoy a happy life here. Deyang is located in the mysterious 30 degrees north latitude and the transition zone from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Chengdu Plain, which is not only praised by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as "the most suitable area for brewing high-quality pure distilled spirits in the same latitude on the earth", but also known as "China's famous liquor producing area closest to the holy water of the snow mountains".

    The theme of this year's Expo is "Intoxicating Bouquet, Renowned Deyang," and it has set up Hall A (Famous Chinese Baijiu Comprehensive Hall) and Hall B (International alcoholic drinks Comprehensive Hall), including 7 exhibition areas such as international famous liquor, Deyang Mianzhu, Chengdu Metropolitan area, rice wine, wine, equipment and cultural tourism characteristics, and 3 functional areas including alcoholic drinks tasting area, live broadcast area and e-commerce area. The exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, attracting political and business representatives from more than 60 countries (regions), nearly 100 domestic and foreign alcoholic drinks companies and hundreds of industry elites and industry tycoons to attend the conference, bringing together the world's famous alcoholic drinks and more than 1,000 brands to participate in the exhibition.

    As the first Sichuan International Alcoholic Beverages Exposition in Deyang, it brought not only opportunities, but also cultural collision and integration. The most eye-catching Chinese Baijiu in the exhibition hall is the first Sanxingdui co-branded Baijiu, whose delicate package is a vivid restoration of the gold mask cultural relics of Sanxingdui ruins site, even making Nino, the Marketing Consultant of SinoDrink from Italy, admire. "I have been to Guanghan to see the Sanxingdui before. When I saw the combination of liquor and Sanxingdui culture products, I felt very shocked. It's a very smart way of putting culture and history into these details of life, but also giving value to the product." Having stayed in China for four years, Nino has been deeply attracted by the Baijiu culture here, but he is more fascinated by the Chinese culture itself, which is inseparable from the Baijiu culture. "I hope we can see more products and activities like this combined with Chinese culture in the future, which can promote the exchange of history, social customs and cultural values behind famous alcoholic drinks."

    Alcoholic drink is a cultural symbol, a reflection of aesthetics, and a bridge connecting different cultures. As one of the important producing areas of Sichuan Baijiu, Deyang is striving to promote the high-quality development of the alcoholic drinks industry, so that Chinese Baijiu and world famous wine can learn from each other and complement each other, and also show the world a reputable image of China's famous liquor city.