Thumb up to the city constructors!

    2023-03-01 by Sichuan International Communication Center





    A bowl of rice, delicious stir-fried pork,

    He Chuan shows followers his dishes

    in front of a camera,

    at a building under construction.


    He Chuan, a migrant worker from Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, has been viral on internet as a popular vlogger. Without any professional camera or technical training, the couple have recorded their daily life since 2018.






    "Without technical training or drama,

    he just showed the real life of ordinary people."


    He and his wife recorded their daily life in a simple way, drawing nearly 2 million followers on social media platforms. In this picture, He shows followers his dishes during lunch break in a vlog recorded at a construction site in the cheers and laughter, making many of his viewers drool.


    Many netizens are motivated by He's optimism. And his followers, the majority of whom are migrant workers and students, give him great support. He said he is happy that viewers appreciate his attitude to life and how construction work has paid off, and also hoped his attitude can encourage more people.


    As urbanization in western China has accelerated, the couple returned to their hometown of Dazhou in 2019 and are currently working on a construction site for a digital-economy industrial park.


    He is quite pride of his work. And his account profile on one short-video platform sums up the vlogger's constructive attitude: "I work hard to earn money to support my family, and contribute to the construction of our country."