She introduces mineral color painting to the world

    2023-03-01 by Sichuan International Communication Center





    A group of ladies dressed in Hanfu,

    Two gigantic kuns excursing under water,

    Flying apsaras hidden in maidens' headdresses,

    lovely dragons teasing a big cat.


    A mineral color painting with a total length of 2 meters and a height of 1 meter went popular on internet. It was created by Lian Yang, a famous female artist.



    Wu Yang, a female artist born in Sichuan who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Tama Art University, is introducing a relatively unknown form-mineral color painting.


    A painting with oriental mystery brought her into the world of mineral color painting.

    There was very little resources about mineral color painting before 2015, and most of those are remained at the basic definition, while this kind of painting has become a genre of art overseas. To learn the technique and get to know the art more deeply, Wu left Beijing and took a master's course at Tama Art University in Tokyo.


    She learned about pigments, the modernization of mineral color painting and paper restoration, and never lost the desire to bring the forgotten art of China back home.





    The mineral color paintings,with minerals as pigments,

    achieve exquisite effects in arts.



    "What is the meaning of mineral color painting?",

    the question has always been on her mind.


    "It may raise heated discussion through music, games, or movies, but the most important thing is that we must let more people know what mineral color painting is."


    One of Wu's videos received over 7 million views on Bilibili, a video-sharing platform in China, and gathered more than 20 million views across all online social media platforms.


    She created a mineral color painting with a picture of Yang Guifei and Nyuwa.


    "In recent years especially, the wave of cultural confidence and the national trend is encouraging the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture. I really look forward to seeing mineral color painting reach more people by riding that wave," she says, adding that she hopes she's always moving forward, directed by the trends and the times.