The 12th (Meishan) Dongpo Cultural Festival opened in Meishan, Sichuan

    2022-11-19 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On November 18th, the 12th (Meishan) Dongpo Cultural Festival opened in Meishan, Sichuan, and this festival lasted for 4 days. At the opening ceremony, experts and scholars engaged in the study of Su Dongpo culture delivered relevant speeches.

    Su Shi, a famous litterateur, thinker, calligrapher and painter during the Northern Song Dynasty, is also a talent in Chinese cultural history. Su Shi, his father Su Xun and his brother Su Zhe were listed as the "Eight Great Masters of the Tang and the Song dynasties" and were also known as the "San Su". In his life, Su Shi left countless precious poems for people. His writing, knowledge, thoughts and personality have left a strong mark in the history of Chinese civilization. His people-oriented thinking, the concept of the rule of law, and consciousness of distress have had a profound impact on people today.

    Meishan City is the hometown of Su Shi. For thousands of years, his influence on Meishan has never stopped, and has given the city a rich cultural connotation. Meishan people have a deep affection for Su Shi, and they express their respect and nostalgia for Su Shi in various ways. Su Shi-related imprints can be found everywhere in parks, on the names of shops and along the city wall, and these imprints make Meishan, a city full of history and culture more vibrant. The Sansu Shrine, the former residence of Su Shi, has also undergone the most extensive restoration in history, and Zhongyan Temple, Lianao Mountain and other sites are well protected, and attracted many tourists .

    In order to better inherit and promote the culture of Dongpo, Meishan City also held an exhibition of calligraphy, painting and photography in the festival, collecting a total of 161 pieces of calligraphy and painting works by famous calligraphers and painters from across the country and province, 18 Dongpo relics and sites, and calligraphy and painting enthusiasts from the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, which attracted many citizens to participate in the exhibition.

    During the 12th Dongpo Culture Festival, Meishan City held the 5th Dongpo Culture Academic Summit Forum. The forum was held in the afternoon of November 18th, where experts and scholars gathered in Meishan to discuss two themes: "Su Dongpo and the Aesthetics of Song Dynasty Life" and "Su Dongpo'spatriotism".