70th anniversary of the founding of Liangshan Prefecture丨The parade floats with distinct features showed great changes in Liangshan

    2022-11-04 by Sichuan International Communication Center


    On November 3, parade floats with a theme of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Liangshan Prefecture came slowly in the cheers of the long-awaited citizens on Hantian Avenue in Xichang City, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, SW China’s Sichuan Province. The float parade is like a flowing scroll showing the great changes in Liangshan in the past 70 years. The splendid showand authentic folk customs received unanimous praise from the public.

    It is understood that the theme floats were designed and produced by 17 counties (cities) of Liangshan Prefecture according to the local characteristics. The float parade performance is carried out with a combination of distinct themes and colorful ethnic customs, spreading the voice of Liangshan and creating a strong style.It not only highlights the political and economic achievements of Liangshan construction, but also shows the rich intangible cultural heritage and the diversity of ethnic cultural features of Liangshan.

    The float parade started at 9:30 a.m. on November 3. During the 2-hour parade time, it marched along the main roads of Xichang City such as Hangtian Avenue, Chang'an Road and Wanghai Avenue, and passed through landmarks of Xichang City such as the third phase of Qionghai Wetland, and Feitian Statue in turn.

    Along the way, the enthusiastic crowd welcomed on both sides of the road and recorded the beautiful moments through their phones or cameras. "I can see the characteristics of the 17 counties (cities) in the prefecture, also deeply feel the changes in my hometown over the past 70 years." Citizen Chen Weiwen said.