What is the daily routine for women to operate a tower crane?

    2022-06-29 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    What about the scenery on the tower crane

    at a height of 100 meters?

    What is the daily routine for women to operate a tower crane?

    Mei Yuan from Luzhou, Sichuan is a female driver of tower crane.

    At a height of nearly 100 meters,

    an operation room

    smaller than 2 square meters

    with a seat,

    a lever,

    and several buttons,

    is Mei’s everyday working environment.

    The Tuojiang River Bridge in Luzhou city under construction is one of the One Bridge and One Tunnel projects in the Sichuan-Chongqing section of the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway. With a total length of 2613.315 meters, the height of the main tower of the bridge is 113.2 meters. Mei Yuan, the female driver of the main tower crane, is a native of Luzhou, Sichuan province and was born in 1997. Mei began to engage in tower crane work in 2019, she believed that her work should protect her colleagues.Even if working in a small, confined space at high altitude every day, Mei said: “My world is not only confined to this little space.”Mei, lookingat the clouds at a height of 100 meters, feels that she is a fairy in the sky when working at height.

    Because it is a high-altitude work, Mei has to sit all day on some busy days. At that time, eating and going to the bathroom may become a problem for Mei, but she braced herself for these difficulties.

    In addition to work, Mei, who has a cheerful and lively personality, also has her own life hobbies like doing exercise,traveling and taking photographs. Looking at the process of the engineering project recorded on the mobile phone from the beginning, Mei's sense of achievement is overflowing. Mei said that she will be more proud of the day the Tuojiang River Bridge in Luzhou city is completed.

    In the eyes of workmates,

    she is a competent driver;

    in the eyes of children,

    she is a strong super mother;

    in the eyes of netizens,

    she is a lonely warrior in the sky.

    She makes us more aware that

    live hard and salute to ourselves!