2023 Gulin Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference debuts in Chengdu | Four boutique tour routes have been launched

    2023-04-29 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On April 28th, the 2023 Gulin Cultural andTourism Promotion Conference was successfully held in Chengdu. In the Gulin flower lantern performance, the Cultural andTourism Promotion Conference began. The tourism development and key scenic spots of Gulin County were promoted by publicity video, intangible cultural heritage song and dance display, ethnic dance performance, etc.


    Located at the border of Sichuan and Guizhou provinces, Gulin is the "southern wing" ecological Health Summer Resort of Luzhou city. In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers and profound cultural heritage, Gulin also has plenty of delicious food and liquor, such as spicy chicken. At the event, Gulin County promoted 4 high-quality tourist routes.


    Route 1: History research line. Starting from Chengdu, along Xiarong Highway and provincial road S309 line, you will arrive at Yansanggouxing Bridge in Yongle, where to experience the extraordinary history of the ancient buildings in southern Sichuan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


    Route 2: Liquor experience line. From Chengdu, along Xiarong Highway, Guyi Highway and Taishi Road, you will arrive at Gulang Scenic Spot. In this 200 million years of "giant geological museum", you could explore the archaeological karst cave. Visit the world-class Lang liquor estate, where you will see the mountain liquor storage valley, open-air pottery library, and have the opportunity to taste the old liquor in the treasure cave.


    Route 3: Ecological health line. From Chengdu, along the Rongzun Highway and Guchi Road, where you will arrive to the national 4A scenic spot Huangjing Old Forest. The ancient towering trees and cool climate made here became an excellent health resort place.


    Route 4: Folk customs line. From Chengdu, along Xiarong Highway, provincial road S309, you will arrive at the national 4A scenic spot“Giant Dark Hole”. It's the time to experience the wonders of the cave and Miao culture. Then you could come to Shuangshahuali village, taste authentic rural snacks, fishingin the river during the day, and experience folk customs in the bonfire at night.