Sichuan to Launch over 2000 Tourist and Cultural Events for Visitors

    2023-01-16 by Sichuan International Communication Center

    On January 16, the first press conference on the theme of "Happy Sichuan Year" was held in Chengdu. Sichuan International Communication Center reporter learned at the meeting that during the Spring Festival, in order to let the Sichuanese and tourists spend Sichuan-style, joyful and festive Chinese New Year, Sichuan will organize 6 categories of more than 2,000 cultural and tourist activities including a series of art exhibitions, cultural exhibitions, intangible cultural heritage, consumer promotion,etc.

    The Chengdu Museum's "The Infinite Universe of Wuji - Masterpieces from the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Comtemporanea will also be on display during the Chinese New Year, showcasing the Italian culture to a wider audience during the Chinese New Year.

    Compared with previous years, a series of cultural tourism activities will becarried out during the Spring Festival in Sichuan Province in 2023, mainly showing the following "new" features.

    Firstly, more than 1,600 online and offline cultural activities and folk festivals, more than 600 intangible cultural heritage practice activities, and more than 210 cultural and artistic exhibitions will be held in the Sichuan province,with a strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

    Secondly, the integration of digital technology applications in the traditional folk New Year celebration makes the traditional New Year vibe havea more trendy expression,with the integration of tourism with the internet and technology.

    Finally, the use of a variety of resources, such as internet celebrities’products, internet celebrities and new media communications, allows the integration of cultural activities with the promotion of tourism destinations, forming a new model of generating traffic detonation, so that more people come to Sichuan to celebrate the Spring Festival.